This question is specifically meant for long term collectors of signed cd booklets or art cards. 

I've been focusing on signed CDs for the past few years way more than in the past.. My collection has grown to over 200 CDs, not counting what I buy for my daughter and any extras.

I have a system to keep my collection as compact as possible and abandon the plastic cd cases in favor of scrapbook albums. 

My dilemma is, i purchase my storage material in bulk but I've completely run out.. I'm about to purchase more storage material but I'm looking for the best prices which means purchasing in bulk again

My question is, for those who have focused on collecting specifically signed cd booklets in the past 10 years. how much has your collection grown? if I were to continue collecting at my current pace, I feel like in 10 years, I would acquire at least 500 more albums.. do you feel this is accurate? Id rather buy my storage material in bulk now at the lowest cost instead of purchasing multiple times at lower quantities. 

any advice is appreciated

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