Thru the years I've slowly tried to build a collection of football memorabilia, I'm a Cowboys fan and thought I had a pretty nice collection. A long time ago I built a nice collection of Wayne Gretzky stuff but I bought it right off his site, WG Authenticity and felt great about every purchase. My Cowboys stuff I've bought off and and lately reading some reviews I just feel the whole thing is shady. Could someone please tell me if I've been taken for a ride AND what sites are the most reliable for buying the REAL DEAL? Please and thank you.

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Did you often receive items that contained a different COA than what was advertised ? I bought an Alex Rodriguez Autographed photo from them and received the exact pose, however with the item I received a different Coa . It was a huge headache in contacting them to return the item. I wouldn't recommend them and as far as every item you have purchased we couldn't say they are genuine or fake unless we saw the signatures on your items. For future collecting I would research and study an autograph before purchasing or even paying an extra $10 towards the item and use psa quick opinion just to protect your investment and knowing your getting the real deal.

My helemt for Emmitt HOF2010 came form Prosportsmemorabilia and when it came it still had tags on it and came in the official helmet box with the certificate from Mounted Memories. My photos all have the PSA/DNA thing with it but  my triplets photo came with no certificate but they quickly shipped out a document from PSA/DNA. Then I have a few with the Greg Tucker autographs, but what threw me off is my wife just purchased a throwback helmet that had an Aikman sif with HOF but it arrived in a box wrapped in plastic with no holo and no certificate. I called them and they are shocked that it happened, he said it came from the Chicago show that they have frequently and it should have had all the documents. He seems ready to take it back and has been helpful but with all this all isee is red flags now. All the latter was with

so if i take photos of my stuff you guys can actually tell me if it;s real?

Yes, these guys here at Autograph Magazine Live are really good and can tell you if there genuine or not. Myself though, I'm a beginner and I'm not always accurate. I will say though that Mounted Memories are Reputable about being Authentic. I have actually been studying Aikman's signature and looking to purchase a photo. I would have a pretty good idea with his signature if you posted it. Other members would also see your post and give you there opinion as well.     

I just took some pictures but the lighting is terrible as its too dark out and the light in my office is killing it. I'll have to take some pics and send them, I'll try tomorrow. I'll be sure to add the photo of the helmet i'll be sending back that came with no coa, hologram, nothing.

This is the helmet that my wife purchased for Fathers day that came with no holo, and no coa. The helmet itself looks used, as there are worn marks inside the helmet.


Signature on the helmet Looks Authentic to me IMO. Notice the HOF 06 is also the same. This PSA Example compares nicely to your helmet!

This is the triplets photo that I purchased that had no coa when I got it but they quickly helped me out and sent one out to me, I'll post what they sent me.


Theses signatures are good, I wouldn't doubt PSA Authentication unless the PSA hologram appears tampered with. Scammers are trying anyway they can to peel holo's and making fake coa's of all types.

This is what sent me after the photo came without a coa. I also posted the helmet i got from that came in the actual helmet box, tags still on helmet, the helmet is mint and the coa is from Mounted Memories. Finally would be a Demarcus Ware photo I have that is the greg tucker coa.


I'm really glad I found this site and hopefully I can be directed to the right sites that I can buy legit autographs from my fav athletes. One last pick of the COA on the back of the Demarcus Ware photo. I have a lot more just feel bad posting all this stuff. I appreciate all the help for whoever helps me and thanks to Ryan Tanner for getting back to me last night.

Nice job finding this site cburt. Type in Greg Tucker Autographs in the search box top right. There have been discussions on him. Not great on this one, but you should be good on the Mounted Memories items. What I think about is any dealer can sell stuff there. I think most items are good but easy for dishonest dealers to slide things on there. Their guarantee looks solid so press them for a refund on your pieces you feel aren't good.


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