recently picked up this signed Michael Jordan jersey and was wondering about the authenticity...all opinions welcomed! thank you!

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Looks awful to me.

This is so bad
Has an ACE coa I'm guessing
Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure it's fake. See if you can get a refund. Sorry, Zach.

It's a forgery. Get your refund

Bad forgery. Save your heard earned money and get a nice UDA one. Damn near ALL other "signed" MJ jerseys are garbage.


How could you ask this question when there are 1,000's of Jordan examples certified by all the TPA's and UDA in the marketplace to see? If there is any chance that this example is real I would personally be shocked Zach. Hope that you can get your money back.

Thank you all very much for getting back to me!
Much appreciated!

maybe but i know these are real

Your store was loaded with fakes. 



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