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Short answer-

A: Yes R: Authenticated by CGC. But its a pretty bad autograph. If quality is an issue, this probably isn't one you want

A: Maybe R: Stan Lee's autograph looks good at first glance, but the bottom up doesn't looks real. He normally just ends with a line across, and doesn't end it upwards.  

A: Maybe R: Same reason. Also the styles are too similar. In addition, the same seller. 

A: No R: On ebay, you really want to avoid reasons such as "found on estate sale" or "signed at convention in 20xx!". If the seller cannot actually state where and how they got it, it's fake. If you think about it for a sec, if they got it themselves, it's not hard to say Comic con 2012 or something. If they bought it, it's not hard to ask the seller they bought from, or try to authenticate it themselves. The autograph it self is already too thin and wayyyy fake. 

A: No R: Same reason as above. Hope that helps. 

A real Stan Lee autograph is pretty easy to authenticate. He signed a lot of stuff. This means, yes more fakes, but also a lot of real good looking autographs. Simply comparing the autos through images will be good enough. His "good" autographs tend to be worth 70 to 100 USD. His later years a little lower but around the same threshold. If you are lucky, maybe you'll find one for cheap for 30-50 USD. You don't have to be really lucky, but it's hard to come across. 

How about these?

that 10timeslucky seller has alot of Stan Lee auto. Either he was one of those guys who had him sign a lot or those are bogus. Free returns though. Link me with some good value ones for 50$ and under if these are all fake. Thanks.

The first one is 50/50

Last one is probably. 

Excelsior holograms are kinda dumb. They basically authenticate if Stan signed them or not. But most of them are faked or tacked onto something else. Stan used to have a shop where the sticker was attached to stuff he signed and sold at conventions. There's no way to authenticate of verify anymore. I think. So ignore them. 

All of them. Absolutely not. 

Yes Stan Lee signed a lot, and some people may have more than a couple of autos. However, the first two are almost identical(which means fake). Th third is way fake. The fourth, again similar styles. 

Like I said, pal. You're almost never gonna get a good Lee autograph under 50 bucks.

Here's me trying. But there's no guarantee.

Think seller's perspective. You buy a 100 buck ticket to see the man. But you want to sell that auto for under 100? Even when he is gone? That's just bogus. Under at least 60 is pretty sketchy enough. 

Here's a good one for like 61.

Yeah. They have. 

Here is a real good one. And 3 hours left no bids.

Right up the alley in your price range as of now

hmm rare too. I might give that one a shot if you say its good. As long as JSA doesnt give me any issues.

I passed on it. What I want is a signed picture of Stan.



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