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It may be a careful simulation. I have a 2002 but my area is 1976 -1980. Ask Andy @ davidbowieautograph.com



I have sent it to Andy. Here is my 2002:

I love it! Thank you for sending it. Where is a good and reputable place to purchase one? So new at this. 

You are welcome. Should hear back tomorrow. davidbowieautograph.com often has items for sale.

Full disclosure, I have contributed materials to that site. Andy is a wonderful guy. Take a look and see what he has at the moment.

Here is my 1976:

That’s gorgeous! Such beautiful pieces in your collection. 

Thank you. I have had about 12 or so, I saved my 2 favorites. I sold the others and many more.

It's fluidity suggests it is authentic but some small atypical things are throwing me off. Andy will know. How much is being asked for this?


That seems quite low for signed Ziggy lyrics.

That’s in Canadian currency but still I hope it’s real!

It may be but something seems off. It is very close. I see 3-4 things that make me a little uncomfortable so best to see what Andy says. Is this on eBay?

No not on eBay. Etsy


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