Hey there, I'm very interested in this Bowie autograph. Would love to hear some opinions, as I really don't know Bowie's incredibly well compared to many other members on this site.

Thank you for your time :)


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Hi, yes, it's real but bad thing it is black signature on dark background. Not worth 600 pounds or how much it is right now :-) 

Hey there

Thank you for your opinion, I honestly didn't think of it like that although, maybe I could barter with the seller a bit. I really needed to hear some other opinions on here, as I looked through and I discovered that there are some really scary forgeries out there, that one first glance look close to the real thing.

This is real for sure, I was also interested with this one a few months ago and talked about it with Andy from davidbowieautograph. :-) 

Thanks for the info :). I can't buy it yet. I need to wait for payday. But I'm most likely gonna buy this (of course I am gonna try and barter it a little).

Sorry for being nosy but I browsed through your posts. I saw you had some bad luck buying forgeries yourself, I'm glad you found this website and got help. Did you ever get yourself a genuine Bowie for yourself in the end :)

£600 is way too much to pay for it but it still has some appeal as I was also looking at it a while back. The seller is quite good at accepting offers on his stuff as I have purchased some items from him below the asking price

Hey Michelle, thank you for your reply. what price do you think I should offer :)

I have a few genuine Bowie now. Thanks to this site (Andy, Eric, Mark). I have one in my profile picture. Yes, I had back luck a few years back but then I promised to fight with forgeries and study David's signatures. 

Aww I'm really happy and glad for you that have got some Authentic ones. I felt really bad for you reading your discussion. I hate forgeries and the people that do them. It's unfair, it doesn't just hurt the bank account, its breaks the heart. Its devastating finding out your signature is fake. I've been there. 

Oh I didn't realise, wow that is a good signed piece (the one in your profile pic). I really like that one :)

I asked Michelle, I'll ask you as well, what price do you think i should offer to this seller? :)

I have 2 or 3 for sale not sure what the situation is on here regarding selling as that is on hold on here at the moment 

I would be interested if the signature is on any 87 promo photo what I do not have yet :-) or will give my soul for signed Labyrinth photo :-D

That photo was actually on ebay once for 300 pounds but I am not good at pricing now... They are go up so guess 400-450?



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