I would like to hear your opinions on this George Lucas autograph.

I really like the photo and autograph. The seller writes it comes from the collection of French collector David Lamand. Has anybody heard of him?

Best regards

 Troels form DK

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Thanks Steve. I could not buy on that alone. "Likely, "appears" - I prefer a slam dunk which in this case likely would rely on your source. Good luck!

Hi Fellow autograph collectors

Thanks for all the inputs. And thanks Steve for pointing in the direction of SWAU. It was a big help.

I bought the autograph, and I will try to get a full authentication through ACOA: 

Best regards

Troels from DK

ACOA would be my choice as well. 

It got authenticated by ACOA. Very Happy:)

Here's the link to get an LOA from Pete.

I don't know if they were offering them when you were first looking, but it'll carry a lot more weight than one from ACOA.

Heck, on Lucas, a Beckett LOA from Steve Grad would carry more weight than ACOA.

Here's my comment on the one, and only, time I used ACOA. If I can't trust them with a signature as consistent & detailed as Summer Glau, or such a ridiculously atypical example, there's no way I'd trust them with someone like George Lucas.

A "Looks good" from Pete was enough for me to pull a trigger before he started authenticating for SWAU and it's enough for me now.

That goes quadruple for something like a George Lucas or Harrison Ford.

Frankly, unless a Lucas came from K9, I wouldn't pull the trigger without getting a thumbs up from Pete first.

I don't know what kind of a "slam dunk" you'd be looking for on a George Lucas signature, but the odds are that you'd betting it from someone who knows a lot less about George Lucas signatures than Pete does and is a lot more willing to gloss over the things they don't know by speaking out of turn with definitive statements based on information they don't have & can't get from a scan.



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