Over the years many a Michael Jackson signed invincible CD has been up for sale..heres one...what are your thoughts please? Thanks 

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Here's one a member said was real last year....they look similar..however I'm unsure whether mj used this style at his megastore signing..any ideas?


Without a doubt this is real

Hi Prashant...Did Mj use this style at the megastore though? The one he's famously pictured holding bares no resemblance and includes the letters in Michael and not the bumps??

Opinions gratefully received

Yes it Looks Authentic

here is another one that is Authentic

Cheers Ivo 

I would say no to this one.

I wouldn't touch it, but if you are tempted, get a quick opinion from Roger first. 

Yeah will do Mike thanks

Best of all listen to your feelings Phil and research and ask Members. 

Roger has already made mistake which I could see on the Signed Invincible CD.

It's best to do some research on Signed Invincible CD.
Back then I made mistakes and listened blindly to Roger and Beckett .....

I've emailed roger and see what he says..if its not favourable I'll try ACOA also...I'd like Waschers opinion but can't seem.to get hold of her...hopefully shell see this and chip in...thanks for your opinion as always my friend 

No worries. Let us know his verdict.


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