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They're sold out. Only non signed left

Yeah got one, used your code


Premiere has its faults but those aside, I'm glad they came through even if just a Bookplate. These look nice and will be great as a cut. I've already seen at least 3 slipcase versions on sale with the page cut out which I think is crazy when there is this option instead. It makes more sense to cut these if you plan to do it at all. In the end, it makes the slipcase version more scarce. 

That said, these bookplates were probably planned all along since they have premieres name on them. While it wouldn't take that long to design, print and ship these back and forth to Hetfield, I don't think there were any other plans for tip ins to be made or Hetfield showing up in person to sign at least 1000 physical books. 

Anyone still waiting on their order from premiere? I still have 1 outstanding which was never picked up by fedex

Im still waiting on 2 orders. They havent provided tracking either

I'm also waiting on one, here is the response I got 8 days ago which obviously didn't happen

Good day, and thank you for reaching out!
We're deeply sorry we have yet to ship your order. We did receive a few batches of the signed books and have started fulfilling orders in the order they were received in our system. We are still waiting for the next batch of books to arrive.
Rest assured that we are looking to get all pending orders fulfilled in the next couple of days and ask for a little bit more patience as we make this happen. We will send an email notification with the tracking details once the book has shipped.
Thanks again for your continued patience and understanding. Have a good one!

From what I understand, correct me if I'm wrong but people received their orders from the 2nd batch already. Mine is from the 1st batch.. so in the order they were received is BS

My first batch from original on sale day came. The recent restock have not shipped. 

So like many of you, I had refused to buy from this company for a long time and only tried again because it was Hetfield but I swear they are clueless, first they sent an email about the delay that said to let them know if we want to cancel and get refunded but instead I waited, and then 10 days ago they said they would ship it in 2 days which they never did so Friday I said to cancel the order and refund my money back and was told that they would have to get the refund approved with the manager and would get back to me, and now today I get a shipping notice. I guess I am happy to get the book even though I decided I didn't want to give them any more of my money. I'm hoping that some of you who are still waiting also got shipping notices so I don't think maybe they would just forge one so they didn't have to refund me


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