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Good job! I pre-ordered 2. Funds are in Australian dollars. 2 for me came to $33 USD including shipping  (untracked) their only option to the USA

Also, "CD size slick card signed by Five Finger Death Punch"

So its another art card. But im fine with that. My invoice doesn't state this is signed so I took a screenshot of the listing just in case

Hi. Thank you ! 

In my  mail order it doesn't specified " signed".

It's the same in your order mail ? 

It doesn't state it in the invoice, the signed art card is just a bonus for preordering the cd

Hi both. It should be fine.  I am in Aust and have bought quite a few pre-order signed pieces from JBHIFI.  None of my invoices stated 'signed" but I have never had an issue to date.  Occasionally they will ship the signed card separate to the vinyl/cd but you will get an email letting you know this.   Cheers 

Yeah good news. Thank you !

Newbury wouldn’t sell their last CDs because they were auto penned…

It won't be, they said in the special offers tab "Please note that this is a printed card of the CD artwork signed by the artist/band (signature NOT printed)."

Hope so…

I think they put that disclaimer in all their signed listings. I don't think that has any impact on how the bands decide to handle their signed merch.

Yes its their standard disclaimer.  I doubt JBHIFI would care how it was signed but I risk it as they are not an expensive shop generally.  My purchases so far seem the real deal.  I bought a few copies of Korn and sigs on each card were all a little bit different 



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