Hello there! 

I've been looking for Morrison autograph (paper cut/ check) for quite a long time with no success. Would like to know which places/ auction places should I check to find a legit one? 

Besides that, I would like to get estimated price pont for that kind of items nowadays since I didn't see any sales of authentic signatures recently.

I hope you guys will help me, thanks a lot!

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Most genuine JDM sigs. are on his poetry books, programs, checks, photos, and other such items. The few cut pieces on simple paper that I've seen are mostly just signed "Jim", which fetch $2.5k-$3.5k. I've seen 42 authentic checks, most are signed "JMorrison" which fetch $7.5k-minimum to $8.5k + these days, and the much rarer signed "Jim Morrison" check can go for $9k-$10k +. (Leland's Auction sold a "JMorrison" check for $13.1K ibp earlier this year).

Thanks for the info boss! I'll gladly pay +-10k$ for legit signature I guess. Could you help me with list of "good to know"  Auctions, please? I'll be grateful! 

Check out rrauction.com right now. 

I was selling one and decided to pull out the last minute. Too much emotional value for me. I ve got other stuff I am selling if you are interested pm me



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