hey guys...can I get opinions on this jimmy page ASAP please?


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Anyone? Thanks in advance. 

My opinion is, even if authentic, it is a poor example. I would avoid this one.

Agree with Joe - too difficult to call unless you saw it being signed.

Why would he sign right over his face? Looks like gene Simmons from far away. I would pass on this one. 

Thanks for the replies. I also don’t like the over the face, obviously. Would anyone take a waiver on it if the seller is asking not very much at all (honestly less than $100), and Roger Epperson gave it a quick opinion “good”? The seller told me his dad was a touring guitar tech for 30 years and got it in person and he is also selling a bunch of other signed items that are kind of random in their scope of artists, but a couple that definitely are legit which leads me to believe the background story. 


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