Hi friends,

Appreciated your opinion on this item. Since the autograph is a bit damaged, what will be the fair price for this one?

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This definitely looks good to me. As far as price goes, it's a tough call. Yes, it's damaged, but it's also a bold signature. I would think around $1000 USD. Some people might think that's too much since it is damaged, but again it's also bold. Plus, I think it's a nice signature. Now some people might think it's a steal at $1000. It's hard to say, but I think I would pay around $1000, given the prices that Lennon stuff goes for.

Hi James,

Thanks for your opinion. Yes, I agree with you about the price. I have asked seller for $1,000 but he rejected. The best price that he can give me is $1,600 so I decide to wait again.

It looks like it's stuck in a book. 1600 is a bit to much kit. I'm sure you will find a nice one in due time.

Thanks for your suggestion, Paul. 

I think a fair price would be between $500 and $700...

Thanks Bruuuce, actually I never see John Lennon's autograph at the price $500-700 before. So can you recommend some good sources for me?

Me neither ! I wish i could help ...

My gut instinct was genuine as well - I'd be tempted to go for this, but I have no money right now, haha. But seriously, I think this is the real deal.

Haha, me too, it's too expensive for me at $1,600. It is nice autograph. If the seller can give me $1,000, I will definitely get it. 



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