Johnny Cash Signed Leather Belt with COA - Opinions Please

This was previously posted in General Music Discussions.  Any opinions and comments are appreciated.

I purchased this Johnny Cash signed belt which came with the attached COA from Hollywood Rock-N Country.  I have read that Johnny Cash's daughter Kathy sold a lot of his personal items in her store in Branson, MO.  Scott Velvet, who signed the COA, now runs the Branson Celebrity Car Museum.  I have called the museum to learn more about the provenance of this item but have not received a response yet.

I would appreciate opinions on the Johnny Cash signature on the back of the belt, any experience with Hollywood Rock-N Country, and any additional insights into Kathy Cash's sale of these items.  I have been searching the internet for images of Johnny Cash wearing this belt but his guitar or jacket generally block any view of his belt buckle.  Thanks for your help.

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Does not resemble authentic

Shady COA as well 

Thank you Andrew Reiter.  I have been trying to connect with Scott Velvet who provided the COA and now runs the Branson Car Museum to learn more.  Seems conceivable he may have known Kathy Cash.  However, since he has not responded makes me wonder about his COA as well.

I will post an update if I hear back.


I would imagine being from Scott Velvet it would be genuine as he is the son of Jimmy Velvet (of Elvis museum renown) and anything from Jimmy Velvet usually has a cast iron provenance, one of the very first rock memorabilia dealers there was! Hopefully this might help a bit, they would have definitely known the Cash family.

Thank you Tracy Nix.  I am not familiar with Jimmy Velvet but will do some research.  However, I had found some newspaper articles and other stories online which seemed to connect Scott Velvet with Kathy Cash. 

I would need to go back and look again but my recollection was something to the effect that Kathy Cash sold personal items of her father Johnny Cash in her store in Branson.  There are some auction results available online for items with this provenance.  I believe Scott helped liquidate some of the remaining personal items when Kathy closed her store in Branson.  The COA seems to connect Scott with Kathy.

In the meantime, I will continue to try and connect with Scott Velvet at the Branson Celebrity Car Museum to see if he would be willing to share any additional provenance.  

Thank you for sharing this additional information.

Thank you Andrew Reiter and Tracy Nix.

I have revisited some of my research.  The value of COAs from Hollywood Rock-N Country are still unclear to me but at least one was included with a Pulp Fiction costume sold by Christie's which included a second COA on the same item from R&R Auction.  However, there was a separate discussion on a Knight Rider fan site questioning the authenticity of some Knight Rider props which included a Hollywood Rock-N Country COA.

Separately, I found a Johnny Cash signed shirt which included a COA and other documentation from Kathy Cash's Encore Pre-Owned Celebrity Clothing store in Branson, MO.  (See Listing).  The signature on the shirt (image below from auction listing) seems similar to the signature on the belt but not sure if they are the same or if either are authentic.

Any additional comments are appreciated.  Thank you for your help.

UPDATE - I was able to connect with Scott Velvet about this item he sold in 1999.  Although Scott had known and sold some items for Kathy Cash, he claims to have received this item directly from Johnny Cash (given the 1999 COA sale date was four years prior to Johnny's passing in 2003, this is possible).  He also said it was definitely signed by Johnny and commented that signatures vary based on situation, material, etc.  Certainly, signing a belt is different than signing a photo or a letter.  I previously shared the link to the signed shirt sold by Kathy Cash.  The signature on the shirt appears similar to the one on the belt to me.

The good news is Scott Velvet offered to buy back the belt if I have concerns.  My preference is to keep it if it is likely authentic.  Looking for opinions and comments from other members.  Thank you as always.  



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