Jordan Spieth wants pro autograph seekers to get a real job!!

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Very true!

Quite honestly,unless people obtain every graph themselves. We are hypocrites. I'm quite pleased with all the treasures Ive acquired fron these "professionals". To only do that for a living is nerve wracking! Drive to the city,park,wait for hours,compete with other people for the possibility of getting something nicely signed aint easy. I completely support ethical pros.Not the type that push little kids or abuse the celebs if they don't sign or cause drama (see Red Bull You Tubes,ugh!).

its actualy like begging for money

I doubt people could obtain every graph themselves with hordes of sellers shoving them out of the way as they shove their stuff in these celebs' faces.

My friend mention how jumpy George harrison was after lennon was murdered. Harrospn wpuld be at the grande pre and people would rock up with Beatles lps for him to sign, just like(mdc) they had to track Harrison down etc. But if you were st the bar and you seen him and asked him to sign a coaster he was more than happy.
The dealers have the market wrapped up, fans cant even get a seat. Then the promotion comes buy from me because we're the best graphers in the world, its authentic. To me there's very little hobbying now, it's all business.

The thing I have going for me is that most of what I collect is indie artists, which are generally quite easy to get and don't attract as much attention from pro collectors. Plus it's what I really like, so it works out perfectly. 

That's what ive gone back to doing, Rich. Indie/ underground artist.Im not supporting these dealers .



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