It appears mass authentication has caught up to them. Considering PSA pretty much rejected the items and that other authenticators(not sure on their legitamacy), said it's not possible that all the items werent signed by one hand, it can be assumed they took the money over both what was right, and authenticity.

Any thoughts to this? Maybe I'm jumping to conclusions, but once a story is published by OTL, you are in some deep trouble.

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PSA didn't reject the items, they turned down the job of authenticating all of them since they weren't allowed to witness the signing and it seemed sketchy as hell.

PSA/DNA officials said that because they did not accept the job, company policy precluded them from publicly taking a stance on the authenticity of the Winston autographs.

Curious to see what they would say if I bought one and sent it to them.  I can guarantee it won't be "we can't render an opinion on this item, here's your money back."   

The way the article phrases it, PSA didn't officially reject the items, but it also states that they were uncomfortable with authenticating the items due to variations in the signatures.

"Under the new signing conditions that occurred, PSA/DNA decided it could no longer vouch for the authenticity of any Winston autographs, a company official said.

Sources said the company had been building a database on Winston's signatures, but that there were enough variations in his signature on various items that the company didn't feel comfortable."

"Sources said"??  What kind of garbage reporting is that?  I could have said that and it would mean absolutely nothing.

PSA did not say that, they only said that they would not authenticate the items unless they could witness the signing.  I am not defending JSA nor do I know anything about Winston's autograph, but this article is poorly written with a clear agenda.

The media is just getting worse. I just saw a headline that stated an actress from SOA says the final episode "could be one of the greatest finales in tv history." I click on the article to read and the actress stated she didn't read the final script but the way the show's going that it "could be one of the greatest finales in tv history."

LoL!  It's all click-bait garbage, they just want people to click through to the article so they can get paid by advertisers.  Quality reporting is very difficult to find online these days.

Sensationalism sells.


Im sure the goons at the planet are going crazy with excitement about thinking what all ways they can twist and turn this to smear JSA and PSA. Granted, both companies are doing poorly as of late.

You're misinterpreting it. They did not authenticate them because they were not able to witness the signing, not because of variations in the signatures. They chose to pass on this because they were not familiar with his signature overall, having not accumulated a proper database/study on it, and were not able to see them signed in person. 

If JSA is in trouble, I can't imagine the hot water Global, GFA and ACE are in!

Help me, but aren't these other companies you mentioned (global, gfa, etc) organizations that sell their own authenticated autographs versus being stand alone authenticators?

Everyone already knew those places sucked at authenticating. Hard to damage them much further than they already have been. JSA has been for the most part considered in the upper echelon. I think this article hurts them.

You're right Mike. After going over it again, I did misinterpret that section of the article.

I have used JSA many times and have had some pretty good experiences with them. However when a news program with hundreds of millions of viewers writes a very negative article about you and the legitamacy of your company, you are in trouble.

I just don't see this ending well for them which is a shame. The negative publicity will lose them a lot of business.




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