I'm new to this Autograph AUthentication world, so I'm sure that I need all of your advice. Is the autograph on the Photo real? The seller said that he had the Autograph on the theather and she signed the ticket and the photo.

Do you guys think that the sign on the photo originally signed by Keira? or maybe both? FYI, the seller only sell the signed photo

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As far as modern Keira Knightley autographs they are signed with her "Checkmark Autograph" which isn't verifiable at all. I personally wouldn't spend money on a "Checkmark Keria Knightley Autograph."A very reputable member here "Pete Chuka" told me this

"There is no way for PSA or any company to authenticate Keira's latest version of her autograph. That's all you get is the start of a K. She has been signing that way now for about 5 years."  Also he could give you far more information than I can.

You mainly have trust the source when buying one of these. There are still some of her "KK" autographs out there for sale which can be authenticated. Who is the seller? 

It was listed by a ebay seller called "thsautograph". He is based in Germany.
I see. So it is better for me to buy her autograph when it was still "KK" because it can be easier to differentiate the original and the fake..?

Yes it would be better to buy a "KK" signed Keira autograph! Here is a Signature Study of her autograph below!


I've observed that thread for days and I cannot decide whether the autograph that this thsautograph sell orginally signed by her or not LOL.
But as you saw the photo at the top, do you see it original with that "K"?

I do have some samples of her "Single K" autographs below but I would pass on that autograph you originally posted as I'm not comfortable with some of their stock. The one you posted is one of her "Checkmark Autographs" which she signed after doing her "Single K" autographs.

How about you sell me one of your Keira Knightley autograph LOL
got it. Thanks for your help !




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