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Can anyone please share any thoughts on this Kim Basinger autograph?  I think it’s a stunning photo, but I don’t know much about her signature.  Thanks! 

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it's authenticated by  JSA so like to think there are no problems but you could compare this autograph with other authenticated items to get a better feeling.

Thanks.  I’ve looked at others JSA certified of her but usually she writes “With Love” and the love is all in cursive without separate letters.  So as much as I like the photo, the autograph throws me off slightly....just curious about some other collectors opinions.  Thanks again.

Michael, here is what I received from her through the mail awhile back.

The first "o" in Todor is spot on with the "o" on yours. But "Love" in mine is quite different. Makes me think the personalizations have been done by someone else.

Thanks for sharing Todor.  That’s definitely encouraging.  I’m just surprised the Love is printed here instead of scripted.

Hi Todor,

ive still been holding off on the Kim photo. I was wondering if you get this if you can take another look at the photo I like.  Lately the “K” in Kim has been bothering me too.  It almost looks like the pen was lifted and placed back down right at the top of the line for the K.  Yours seems to have a smoothly drawn angle for the K before the loop part is drawn. The one I like, however, has a noticeable change in the shade of the ink right at the top vertex of the line which makes me think it’s a forgery and the pen was lifted and placed down twice instead of being one smoothly drawn stroke. I hope you can understand what I’m referring to. This really bothers me because it passed JSA and I also had PSA give me a quick opinion and they said it was likely genuine too.  I also don’t think she wrote the “Love” part. Every other piece I have seen has her very nice cursive penmanship. I’ve never seen “Love” printed yet your personalization is.


I took a closer look and I saw that part of the "K" you are referring to which looks disconnected. I personally would not be bothered that much by it because it might just be the crappy marker she used.

I also looked at other examples on Ebay certified by JSA. On those, the "Love" part looks similar to mine and looks consistent with the handwriting on the signature.

So, in general, I think both mine and the one you are looking at were signed by Kim, but the personalization on mine and the "Love" on yours were added by someone else. I would guess yours was also obtained through the mail. Did you contact the seller and asked him about the story behind it?

They don’t know anything about the history behind it unfortunately. I’m attaching another pic of a different one I’m considering instead.  This one is from a much lesser known role, but it appears to be a full signature which I’ve never seen by her before. It seems very rare.  The “L” in love is very similar to personalized ones I’ve seen by her and the “g” in Basinger is an exact match. But I’m a little concerned about the “K” in Kim and the “B” in Basinger. What do you think? I think it’s a stunning rare full signature if it’s real nonetheless.  It’s not authenticated and I’m waiting for a quick opinion from PSA. 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

That looks amazing if real! I have never seen a full signature of hers. Hopefully PSA likes it. It is important that you feel comfortable with what you are getting. If the other one is giving you doubts I am sure you will find another one. Patience is a key in this hobby :)

Yeah I’m new to the hobby and learning that. It can be frustrating but it pays off in the end.  I’m very picky and really want certain headshots and photos ideally, but I’m learning that a genuine signature is probably what is most valuable over what it’s written on.  Ideally I’d prefer a photo of her as Vickie Vale in Batman or her roles from the films Cellular or LA Confidential, but a genuine signature I feel comfortable with is probably most important.  :)

You are doing the right thing by not jumping blindly at the first one you see!

By the way, that Batman movie is one of my all time favorites! Oh the things I would do to have a signed Batman poster by Keaton, Jack, and Kim :)

Keep looking and good luck!

Thanks.  Yeah tell me about it. I very badly want an autograph of Jack nicholson on an 8 x 10 of him as the Joker.  There are some great professional portraits of him in full costume with hat, tux coat, and all with a plain solid portrait background.  I’ll let you know PSA’s opinion on Kim when I get it. 

Sounds good!



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