Check out this 'incredible' book of signatures. Anyone who knows their classic rock will find this quite amusing.

This was so absurd that I couldn't help myself and sent some emails to the seller to let him know just how I felt. Of course calling out one fake autograph seller on ebay is like trying to plug all the leaks in a dam single handed.

The best part is this guy insists on saying that this will pass any 3rd part authentication. He has already called me an idiot, an a****** and accused me of not knowing my ass from my elbow. Even though I've personally met everyone (other than Leslie West) featured as 'signed' in the book.

Thought you'd all get a kick out this and would want to chime in. And plus maybe you can help me figure out which one is my elbow...

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That was a big piece of garbage. I hope no one is bidding on that. Shall we try to get it removed from Ebay?

No, but I'd like to have everyone chime in on here at least and I'll send him the link here. I don't want to start trouble for someone on ebay, that just comes around and gets you into hassles later when someone wants to get vindictive. But it seems ebay doesn't really jump in much anymore anyways.

This one was just so blatantly laughable I thought some of the rock folks on here would get a kick out of it. Maybe not though, as the amount and frequency of ebay garbage makes it not so funny anymore.

But I do enjoy "authenticating" signed stuff by bands where I know the autographs real well. And by that I do not mean that I feel I am qualified to legitimately 'authentic' or anything, I just mean I like to go through some item listings for kicks and mentally go " joke...fake...okay, maybe that one's real...fake...etc." if you catch my meaning. I don't usually hassle anyone, but some just get me all worked up.

Waste of time, I know!

this is really funny! Looks like the guy just started turning pages and signing autographs.



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