LeBron forgery eBay seller ajsports13 GA (Global Authentics) CERTIFIED

Is Global Authentics serious about this LeBron "signed" jersey?!?!?!?! This junk listed by eBay seller ajsports13

Literally a 10 year old who looked at authentic LeBron exemplars for 30 seconds would know this is nowhere close.

Just another pathetic forgery certed by GA (Global Authentics, Steve Sipe).

Laughable. There is NO WAY this was examined in person.

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Here is another listed by the same seller. Just horrific. It's no coincidence that the "asking price" is a FRACTION of what an authentic LeBron jersey should go for.

I didn't realize LeBron changed his number to #8.

It's actually not an 8, it's meant to mimic the "end tail" of his older sig, and it's hideous. IMHO "Global Authentics" should be on eBay's Banned COA list. There is so much garbage certed by them, WAY more than what is excusable and/or "mistakes". 

I know I was being sarcastic..

Awaiting Steve Sipe to comment and claim these were authenticated in error by a staff member for the 1000th time this year!

He to busy authenticating the other 500 of these he was sent.

Let's see the Michael Jordan's they are authenticating by the truck loads..

Sipe has been real quiet Lately.

Oh where oh where has Steve Sipe gone? Better yet where is his "Team" of authenticators/Staff members?

You have to ask yourself why a brand new authenticating company would create a new name, logo, and COAs that look and sound virtually the same as ones from a previous, corrupt, disgraced business....

To send the message that the same rubber stamp service is available.

Why else would you make such a stupid business decision?

Attachments: No photo uploads here

I wouldn't trust this LeBron Jersey authenticated by JSA either, That Jersey belongs to one of the authenticators of JSA and is also questionable at best along with several of his other items listed.

The other thing to note is this JSA jersey you posted looks nothing like the ones authenticated by GAI. I've been keeping track of the LeBron Jerseys "authenticated" by GAI in the past 6 months and either sold or listed on ebay as well as other auction sites and the numbers are just staggering.. 173 Jerseys and 54 Basketballs and those numbers come only from what has been listed or sold along with coa #'s, amount sold for and listing numbers. These numbers don't include photos or other items. GAI might be authenticating more LeBron items than Upper Deck has these past 6 months. 

I'm also working on Michael Jordan as we speak and when those numbers come out it'll be staggering as well.

My Question is why in the past 6 months or so GAI has been authenticating these horrible signatures? Has LeBron and Jordan all of a sudden decided they would just sign all of these autographs? Not to mention on premium items like Jerseys and Balls with perfectly placed signatures? Why is it that EVERYONE obtaining these signatures has decided to have GAI "authenticate" them? Why has not 1 of them been seen by JSA or PSA/DNA? Well maybe they have looked at them and said the same thing, "these things are horrible".

I'm sure just like with the Mariano Rivera mess these questions will also be left unanswered by Mr. Sipe or will he say "I need to talk to the staff member that authenticated these" It's funny that when you pull up the "authenticators" on the Global website it only shows 2 staff members, so are you saying that Brandon the NASCAR authenticator is the one looking at these? If not that only leaves 1 person and that would be Mr. Steve Sipe who's name is also on the coa cards and is ultimately responsible for this whole mess.

I'd love to hear the excuses this time but can you Please address the Mariano Rivera signatures first that you have been avoiding to answer for 2 years now?

I'd bet Steve Sipe is authenticating these himself. All about money and volume. GA stickers ruin the value of an item.

There are thousands of bogus entertainment and music items with GA stickers on EBAY.



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