Hi guys a was fortunate to pick up this fully signed program and I was wondering what is the best way to frame it.

Option 1 would be just the left side and hide the right side under matting.then have plexi the backside to show the front and back of the program.

Option 2 would be to leave it open like the picture shows.Plant also signed the right page picture.

I'm thinking option 1 would probably look nicer to isolate the left picture only.

What do u guys think?

Thanks in advance.

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Here is the other picture showing the centerfold and the front cover.

How about Option 1 mounted beside an original Led Zeppelin 1 Album cover?

I was thinking exactly something like that.if not an album.a Led Zeppelin plaque that includeS the provenance to the piece.

Can I just say for the record- that is a darn nice find and exceptional piece. Well done mate! If it were me I’d be mating it with another image the same size of them live in concert with a black backing and frame. I reckon keep it simple. Stunning piece though!

Thanks for the input.i think we are on the same page.

I would buy another non signed copy of it and do a framing just like you have in the second picture with the yellow cover unsigned on top and the gatefold below. Where did you find this? Third option would be to sell it to me :). 

I was thinking the same idea also.i think that option would look real nice maybe a plaque underneath.




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