Hi, I've been grateful for members help in the past with autographs on this site; even if it's been to tell me bad news about items I've bought :-(

Here's another one for you, what do you think of this John Lennon signature; any help appreciated!

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Fake IMO

Thanks Karl; any specific aspects of the signature that makes you think this?

Although it is obviously based upon JL’s late 70’s signature style the first thing that struck me as odd about it is that it’s too long, most of his later signatures are shorter than this one.

Also the caricature signature just doesn’t look right. Hard to explain really although I am confident that this is a fake.

This looks to be the work of the Southern California forgers!!!  Usually you don't like to give out specific details on autographs because would be forgers may pick up on your details and comments....and use them to their advantage. It's happened before!

Good point although we also have members stating the opinion that we should explain our conclusions in more detail. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t! (-;

Thanks everyone for views- they do seem to be consistent in saying 'not genuine'. The problem with the 'no detail' approach is that we'd end up with lots of 'fake IMO' and 'genuine IMO' type responses which don't help less knowledgeable members(such as me) appreciate the tell-tales signs/common errors that highlight fakes (and the opposite, of course)?

I also believe it is not genuine. It looks too careful to me.
I agree not real.to fluid imo.



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