Hello, being a big fan of the ABC Tv show (2004-2010), i wish see what "treasure" maybe you have about that show !

Me i have this autographs you can see here :

i have the exact photo proof of when Matthew Fox sign it and in more it was signed in 2006 :

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I think I would crash the server if I loaded all the LOST graphs that I have here on this site. If there is something special you would like to see, just let me know.

Oh really ?! I'm a big big fan of that show, can you show me your best pieces please ?

Ths was signed a charity auction at a Boston Radio station in 2004 can't beat a full cast.

This was the 2004 SDCC poster signed by Matt, Evangeline, Dom, Damon, David Fury, Paul Dini, and Javi it then went to the 2005 Lost convention and 7 or 8 more were added including Naveen, Maggie, Ian, Emilie, Jorge. William Mapother, John Terry, Mira, Nick etc.

  Summer of 2004 TV Guide had a fall preview section which included this image of LOST's stars wearing clothing that would later pe auctioned for Charity....The top is worn by Evangeline and it is one of her earliest autographs....signed fully, not ELilly as usual.

   2005 SDCC Josh Maggie, Carleton, Damon, Javi and Burke

That's it for now. I think last count of just Evangeline pieces I was over 50 items, so no more from me. 

Just one word : amazing ! And thank you for sharing ! The Michael Emerson with "your friends on the island" is great !!!!

Desmond !

Great series, there's no adventure/mystery/thriller/existential/scifi show like it - as if there could be with that combination!

Great photo with Michael Emerson standing in the spooky glow of the hatch, also really like Pete's photo with that hilarious inscription.  The full cast ones are also terrific.  These are my 3 Lost ladies:

Collector in a local store I bought these from also has Matthew Fox, Naveen Andrews, Josh Holloway (with 'Thanks for watching!" inscription), Dominic Monaghan, Terry O'Quinn (my favorite character) and a few others.  I believe they were sent to the Hawaii set, as Maggie's inscription would indicate, plus Yunjin Kim noted '12.2004' on hers which coincides with the first season's shooting schedule.  Thought about buying the bunch but other collecting areas would suffer  :/

Nice autos Glad Max !

Happy to have my first Evangeline Lilly !


Nobody help to find a Terry O'quinn autograph so i find this one :

And there is no Alan Dale 10x8 signed on Lost photo so i find on 6x4 :



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