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I'm assuming it's the same signed art card no matter which you buy

I assumed the same. I bought the cd since I really only want to add Rob’s autograph to my collection. 

That said, the part about “includes signed album print” is a little confusing.

Is there any history with them? Will it be just Rob or the entire band?

Not sure. I’m assuming it will be the whole band -  but Rob Thomas is the only member most casual fans of the band will know. No disrespect to the other guys, but I couldn’t name them without having to look them up.

Cant find any contacts to ask if the print sizes are different.

I can’t find a uk store for them unfortunately..the shipping from the US is more than the price of the cd.

Rob Thomas will sign through the mail for free if anyone is interested!

I'm interested. Where did you get his address? Star tiger?

PM me. Happy to help!

I know he was signing ttm about 2 years ago but were there any recent successes? I let my star tiger membership lapse.. way too busy at the moment to write letters but im planning to get back to it soon. 

Yep! Just got him c/o management a few weeks back. Send me a PM if you want the address. Will be personalized though! 


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