mysterious punk rock band Max Creeps offers signed options in their shop. Seems like Duff McKagan might be one of their members. Worth a shot maybe…

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Mine is out for delivery 

Here it is, I’m sure this is going to bum people out haha

Man.. im thinking both signatures are also signed by the same person as well... 

I’m truly 50/50 on if they were done by the same person. The one benefit on these is they’re limited to 250, so they are rare and the vinyl color looks beautiful. If people ever confirm who was a part of this it could still be a cool collectors item.

I think you are right. The limited aspect makes up for the autographs. Still a cool item to have. After we see more examples, we should know for certain if both signatures were signed by the same person or not

I might tend to think of this like Gwar sigs... you know you're going to get them signed in character . Or maybe Mick Foley from wrestling, he signs according to what the pic is of.

Here's mine 

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Awesome, thanks for posting! Im still unable to post pictures anymore with my phone. Definitely a phone problem ill get figured out eventually. Im focusing on the "s" "c" "b" and even the "x" to see if these were signed by the same hand. We still need to compare a few more examples. Its still too hard to tell at this point

Are we trying to determine if it's the same hand?

I am, some others may be as well.. im looking for every clue I can find for these.. we are still far from figuring out who signed these. I want to study these for a while and move on to comparing handwriting with Duff McKagan, Kurt Bloch, and others who could be involved and see if i can get anything from that...

The picture Jor-El posted on page 2 of the signed green LP doesn't look like the signatures we received.. this will be tough figuring out but lots of fun...

Interesting for sure. My copy of the sig on the right is signed right above his head and is partially blocked by the sticker ughhh

so here's mine still shrink wrapped


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