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Hello eveyone

I hope you are going well.

May I have your thoughts please on that signed Dirty Diana by MJ ?

For me it is real but your thoughts will be really appreciated!

Many thanks,


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JSA is trustworthy, and to me the sig is real.

Please post a larger image. It's too small to give a reasonable opinion of authenticity. 

Thank you Steeve for this information! I added bigger size of pic ! Hope is it clear enough !

Have a wonderful day,

Best regards,


This is a forgery, probably mechanically-signed.

Thank you for your message but how can se see that ? Even Epperson approved it ? 
thank you for your help and time it is really appreciated!

best regards


Roger knows his stuff. He's the one who taught me what to look for on Michael Jackson autographs in 2009, and this looks good until you see it close up.

The first thing Roger explained to me is that MJ kept his hand in one spot as he signed and swung the pen up and down like a pendulum. He even showed me a video of MJ signing for fans at Virgin Records! So the pen pressure on a genuine MJ autograph generally becomes lighter the higher and lower it goes. The pen pressure on this one is uniform throughout.

Then there are the hard stops and ink saturation at the ends of the M, L and N. MJ did stop hard occasionally, but very rarely with ink saturation, and never if he ends in an upswing like all of these.

PSA's Autograph Facts has a lot of MJ autograph exemplars that all look real to me: https://www.psacard.com/autographfacts/music/michael-jackson/images...

PSA is better for MJ than JSA?

I don't know. Most if not all of those PSA MJ exemplars were certified 8 years ago or earlier. I haven't seen many PSA MJs in recent years. 

Wow really precious as information! Roger Epperson gave a favorable genuine by the quick process on internet. 
I will tell to my friend to ask to the auction house what he can do ?

One more time thank you so much !

have a wonderful day,


Dear Steve

May I have please your thoughts about this one ?

Thank you so much for your help and time. It is much more appreciated!



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