McCartney and Starr "Signed" Photo and Abbey Road LP from Probstein123 with PSA/DNA LOAs - Very surprising!

This is on eBay with a current bid of $820. Are these not "Southern California forgeries"?

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I was wondering the same thing myself.

The only way as a picker/collector to ever be truly comfortable with an autograph is to take the time to learn the trade. In 30 plus years of doing this if my sixth sense says stay away...I do. I never rely on any authentication service. I use a library of catalogs, books, internet and sometimes contacts. The only reason PSA, JSA and the others thrive is that they have filled the need of mostly dealers who can then pass product on with a piece of paper that says its real. The sports autograph industry created this monster by foisting so much crap on the market that the next logical step was to reign it in and capitalize on the fraud problem with authentication services. They saw the opportunity and filled it. 

As we have all seen some "authenticators" for the services pass junk. How can anyone truly authenticate with any reliable certainty new material? They cant. Exemplars? nope. Some new material is nothing more than a scribble or the swipe of whatever they are signing with. But still they pass it. Why? $$$

Here's another one from probstein123 with a PSA/DNA LOA dated February 12, 2019. It's a Ringo signed Bad Boy LP. Does anyone believe that it's authentic?




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