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happy new year! you guys have incredible collections of blues autos... and

your blues knowledge is quite impressive someday if i had my say where my blues autographs end up  
i would choose the blues experts on this site, and that is why i'm contacting you.
as you are aware i have 2 double autographs.
muddy waters and
mckinley morganfield
willie mae  
big mama thornton.
i am sellin them and giving you guys special 1st right of refusal.
the two hoochie coochie man autos are $550 ea. they are signed on the same card,
and i am not going to separate (cut)them. same with big mama, this is the way i can justify the price.
total mud man 2 autographs 550 each....$1,099.
also for sale: 2 autographs: big mama and willie mae thornton on the same card,
400 each....$799, total.
you would be getting double autographs from each blues legend...
you will likely never see other signings like this. see the scans i've sent, they are very nice autographs.
Please contact me asap if interested...time is of the essence. opportunity is knocking! 
thanks! and good luck.

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Is the signed BB King b/w photo for sale? Possible price?

hi richard, that photo isn't for sale. i do have a later color 8x10 color signed photograph..if you're interested lmk. thanks, david j.

Thanks David,

It was the b/w photo I was interested in. Best wishes!

item ID # on ebay  


lets talk mud what you say nate?, wat up carl?

here's wat I be doin' oh, sorry

wrong dialect for this site...here' my take on it, I am willing to give the two names autographs, of the card:

Muddy Waters, and McKinley Morganfield to a good home for $999. if I don't sell it AS IS, I will cut the card in

half and sell the autos separately. the real blues autog collector wouldn't let that happen.

this would be a jewel in your wonderful collections. wouldn't you agree that sometimes you're better

off spending a little more than you'd planned instead of a littleless than you should?

this is my final offer buy it now or the card gets it!  thank you! David

Hi Dave. Please don't be driven down the road to cut the page in half. For one it would have the opposite effect of devaluing rather than increasing the value of this nice piece. If you did do it I would suggest the absolute max each half would be worth would be $200 (as they would be tightly cut pieces).
I commend you on your sales pitch though, I would not have considered selling this item as "2 autographs".

what will it be?  nate, or donate?


Hi Dave,

It's a lovely piece, and I would be proud to own it, but for the price you are asking it has to be 'donate'. 

With a little patience and knowledge Muddy's autographs on items like LPs or Photos can be picked up around $200-$250 on the Bay, see these 2 recent sellers in the last month alone:



You piece is certainly rare, but, in my humble opinion, not quadruple rare.  However I'm sure the HOF will be very pleased to recieve your dontation.



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