One of the most unique autographs are when you met the Celebrity (s) and took a picture with them, then get them to sign it.

Feel free to share you thoughts, suggestions, expierences, photos and brag maybe too etc.



***HINT & SUGGESTION***  use AUTOGRAPH MAGAZINE'S addresses to help add to your collection!

Most of the time a celeb WILL autograph photos of u and the celeb(s) because it shows your a true fan of theirs, plus its quite a rare and an unique signature(s) to have!


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Erik Estrada was the first that I had my picture taken with, then took it back to have him sign it. After that, I did the same with Mark Goddard, Jon Provost and the cast of "The Brady Bunch".
sounds very interesting! thank you so much for sharing your meet & greet signed photos experiences on this forum.
i hope you like this forum, feel free to tell your other Autograph Live friends about it, lol.
Barbara Eden, B.J. Thomas, Jesse McCartney, Britney Spears, John Daly, Buck Owens, Dave Stockton are some in my collection of this type...
Yes always nice when you get a "piccy with" signed
yes it is =)
i'll be uploading some more pics of celebs with me that are autographed very soon =)
cool =) thank u very much for sharing your interesting autograph experience.
I agree. MIS has a lot of autograph events. I'm not sure if it is because the speedway isn't in a big city, or if the weather is usually REALLY doesn't matter anyway. I'm just glad there are so many opportunities to get autographs!!
has anyone else done the same thing that i've done?
get a meet & greet met signed? please let me know if you have i greatly appreciate hearing from you.




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