Currently on ebay.  Thoughts?


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Authentic, in my opinion.

Looks good to me

Here is another one which seems similar to me.  Good as well?  (I like this item better since its their first LP)

This one also looks good to me.

Thanks for your opinions.  Here is one more.  This 45 sleeve also signed by 3.  While Peter & Mickey look like the LPs, the Davey is less loopy in the D & the J.  Ive seen this style a lot.  Question is, did he have several ways of signing?

I've seen a number of examples of both styles of "D" and "J". What's more unusual is when there is a break between the "J" and "O", but I've seen other examples of that as well. The set on the 45 sleeve is a very typical looking one in my opinion, moreso than the other two. 

thanks again. 




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