Hi all, I have an opportunity to get this Musial at what I believe to be a pretty good price. Only photo I have of the signature, if you have any thoughts please let me know. Thank you!

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looks ok to me

Thank you Terrier. I know we previously spoke about good looking Musial autos and I like the way this one looks so I may pull the trigger.

Looks good to me.

Thanks as always Steve, unfortunately I missed out on that as the price went way too high in the auction, but just came across this beauty on eBay I may pull the trigger on. Listed at $100, think it's worth it? Has a JSA cert but always like a second opinion.

This one is really nice.

Yeah I laid eyes on it and was like wow! Might have to end this Musial hunt once and for all and grab it.

Grab it. It’s a beauty. 

Thank you, I did! The seller even took $10 off so I am very happy.

Congrats! Get yourself a nice case to display it in!

Looks good to me as well, it looks like one I have.

Thank you Taylor. Unfortunately price went too high in auction but I found another one I am considering that I replied with an image of to Steve's comments. If you had any thoughts I'd love a second opinion. Comes with JSA cert but always think getting other's thoughts is helpful.

I think the other one you found is authentic as well, here is a very similar example I found for sale on the Steiner website for comparison.


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