I am brand new to collecting autographs, but really enjoy collecting signed cd booklets from my favorite bands/artists. Do any of you know of any music groups or artists who are good about signing stuff and returning it (with paid postage of coarse)!! Any help would be appreciated!!!

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If you target indie bands and rising stars, your hit rate will probably be fairly good. If you target big names, you will likely have much more limited success in terms of responses. I've personally only tried two musicians through the mail, both of whom I failed to get in person this year: Ellie Goulding (big name) and Aurora Aksnes (rising star). Oddly enough, Ellie was the one who actually responded.

Thanks! Do you write their agent? record label?

In both instances, I've sent to the venue. In Aurora's case, there's a decent chance the venue did not pass it on to her, as she is otherwise pretty accessible and fan friendly. That's the problem - the venue might not pass it on. It all depends on how they handle their mail. Fanmail.biz used to have a decent scouting report for which venues do/do not pass on fan mail, but it doesn't seem to be as regularly updated as it used to be.

That being said, I suspect that the mail traffic is somewhat lighter for musicians on this route, so you might have a better shot at a response - if the venue passes it on.

If you like collecting CD booklets, the following sites offer signed promotional CDs: Newbury Comics, Looney Tunes CDs, Record Store UK (very indie heavy), JB Hi-Fi, Sanity Australia, Warner Ireland - and, of course, artists' individual websites. In almost every instance, the price is the cost of the CD with the signed booklet essentially being a freebie. And, believe it or not, they are almost always authentic.

Wow! Thanks!



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