Discussion owner removed his questions and images, but examples of genuine AC/DC autographs are posted by Roger Epperson in replies.

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Hard to tell from the poor quality photo.

Can you upload better photos from each item?

That will be Fine. Thanks.



       Hey Angelo,

                Do you still have these 3 AC/DC Albums? If so, I would be interested in them. You can email me at:                 gtimjac9 at aol dot com. Thank You.



These are AMAZING examples and the signatures hit the sweet spot between the time they were "working" on their signing styles (Angus usually signing first name only and Malcolm had a more bubbly type of writing) and having a "Go-To" signature. I'm guessing 1979? The signatures are confident and the style is even visible in the way Angus, Malcolm, and Cliff all sign today - Phil too, but he normally signs his last name now as well. These are top notch and beautiful! The Bon Scott signatures are absolutely spot on. I have a couple of these albums signed myself by the 5 member lineup, but am sad to say yours are a lot nicer in quality by comparison. Congrats on this lot!
The great thing about this forum is everyone can offer their own opinion.  In this case I have to disagree with Darren on these, as in my honest opinion I do not believe these are authentic.  From what I have been told these are not the only three you had, there were 5.  That throws up a huge red flag.  Next: they are all signed in the same marker in all the perfect spots; red flag number 2.  In all of the examples Bon did not write AC/DC under his name not even once and I have never seen him make that squiggle under his name.  What really bothers me is the Phil Rudd signature.  The "P" is wrong and the "h" starts off much too high in the stalk of the letter than the way he did it.  Also that "/" between ac and dc is not correct in the way he did it.  Though whomever did do these is quite good but they are not signed by the band members.  Here are some exemplars to compare to.


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