Hello again,

I was wondering if someone out their with more knowledge than I might be able to help me out here. Recently on ebay i purchased a pickguard signed by the 4 members of My Bloody Valentine. I could not find many examples to compare too, so i was in the dark about authenticity. the ebay sellers credentials looked good, but PSA could not render an opinion via quick opinion. So i purchased it on a whim for 50 dollars since i had not seen another signed item from the group. I was able to compare the Kevin Shields to some examples off google images and it looks similar. As for the others though i dont know. I see at least 2 different sets of handwriting. The Belinda sig looks like a womans signature and the rest appear to be mens, but i am no expert.

So now that i have the item at hand, i was searching on google image for some images of my bloody valentine autographs to see if any new ones had popped up so that i could compare them. I noticed this was up, which was new, and low and behold, it is my pickguard. It was sold i believe from Easton auctions in August and apparently put up on ebay and then sold to me. I have never heard of this company, or the site that sold it. I looked at some of the listings, and def see some fakes, or if not fakes, seriously undepriced, such as the Liz Taylor for 50 bucks.


Anyway, i have never seen a collector with an authentic My Bloody Valentine autograph set, so i dont have anything to compare too. If someone out their has a set and could compare theirs to mine and provide an opinion, id be grateful. Or if someone knows a little bit about the auction site it was sold from, id appreciate any info.


Here is the auction site link where it was sold originally back in august:


Thanks so much for looking




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Hi Chris:

i looked at Ebays photo and it was smaller then yours and turned the wrong way. that might have been the reason for the unable to verify by PSA. submit your pic as above and ask for another second opinion - that is my suggestion. you may have to relisted it on Ebay but for the additional listing fee (around 1.50) it is worth it


Mike D.

Sorry, I wouldn't know. Saw the movie in the early Eighties, but I am unfamiliar with the band - and their signatures. Good luck. 

The Kevin Shields signature looks like the two I got from him following the Roseland Ballroom gigs in '08. I do not know about the other three as I never saw them that night and have never seen their signatures for sale. You have good taste in music!!! D

Thanks everyone for the opinions, I can always count on this site for friendly accurate knowledge.

Thanks again


Uh, I;m kind of new at this so I think I replied to the wrong post.  I think I commented on MBV under your Prince posting.

It looks like the signatures came from MBV. It is ace high that they are on a jazzmaster pickguard, as well.

I remember their gig on the reunion tour - the feedback swallowed me whole. It was a good thing they were handing out ear plugs near the merch booth.

Oh yeah, the signatures are real all right.  I didn't wear earplugs in 1992 and my ears were ringing for days.

Thanks everyone for the replies. Im so glad i picked it up then, as i thought it was a gamble at the time. It was mentioned that it would be really cool if the pickguard was one that Kevin actualy played. That would be awesome but i dont know if their is anyway to find out as the ebay seller didnt know. But that would def be an amazing peace, even more amazing than it is. Thanks everybody for the opinions.


I'm not so sure.  I have an LP signed by all of 'em, right in front of my eyes, with my sharpie.  There are some definite differences.

I've seen them four times now. Twice in 1991 (maybe 1992), then 1993, then the reunion.  Tremendous live show.



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