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yes odd 

David Gilmour is weird and so small

Sorry but I genuinely do not believe what I am seeing here...

Words fail me apart from this has got to be one of the worst attempt at Pink Floyd's collective autographs  ever.

And the seller asks for "serious inquiries only" - shameful.

Very bad and a known forgery style. He has certed this style in the past. It was the center of a large conversion years back on AML as they were passed by both Epperson and RR.

Seems like the style isn’t falling through the cracks anyone as I haven’t seen many surface with new authentication. However, I do believe this may be a fake LOA. Look at the cropping job. Seems as though someone overlaid the photo on top of another  

good eye on that crop job Corey

Ya I see it

Does look like a fake LOA

Epperson should be contacted

And good catch Eric on this piece of *&&(

Well spotted Seamus - poor cropping indeed, nearly as incompetent as the forgery itself!


An undistorted view of the LP cover:

I take it back - the LOA is real.

holy crap

big trouble, little china to the tune of BIN $15K

Also... thats a very artistic Nick Mason in the latest post.

This gets more disgusting.......



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