hi, I got this bible from the elderly next door neighbour before they passed away (8 years ago), and I remember them telling me that someone brought it into their book store they had in the mid 1970s and held onto it to the day I got it from them (I got it because they knew I collected some old poetry/ exile books and did some yard work for them)! sorry! so I need little help with the inscripture for what it says inside, so how can I get it authenticated, who I can take it to? please :) because all I can read is ——-> To my once dear cousin, W Thomas Moore, from his cousin G Woodhouse 1881,  

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Why do you keep saying sorry? 

Just explain what it is you really want to know 

"...but just trying find someone who is actually interested in it is the hard part,..."

Exactly. Thus the often lower value if sold faster than later and that is because of quantity. It is not literally worthless. No need to be sorry :) It feels better to be happy and, oddly, costs the exact same amount! Nothing!

I apologise a lot for no reason sorry, I can not help it, I do not know if word things correctly, I do not know if people understand but anyway thank you, all I was just asking out of curiosity for this book as this is a autograph/ signature forum and thought might spark a interest, sorry but thank you anyway again, understand I appreciate all of your input :)

Take it to a well respected book store 

Thats my final response 


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