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Hope they do a signed cd

Why can't you just buy the $25 vinyl? lol 

Awesome find! Thank you!

I thought OOOO AH AH AH AH was the name of the band when I first saw the posting. Now I think it should be. 

Thanks mate, actually looked for this today 

Wow! One of the favs. Thanks so much!

the email I just got says the signed vinyls are limited to 1000 so may not last long

You are correct. They are gone.

Awesome post.  Thanks for the heads up as I picked one up.  I can't believe Down with the Sickness was 22 years ago.

you must have gotten the last one because sold out now

Whew.  I probably should have hustled more in the checkout then.  I was used PayPal but it wasn't adding tax + shipping.  I got worried they'd cancel if the charge was wrong so I backed out to manually enter my CC.  Luckily got it all in just in time. 
And I've also got the chorus stuck in my brain now from the title to the thread.  I'll probably be humming "Get up, come on get down with the sickness" all day now LOL.
Thanks again Mark!  Super stoked about this one. .  

Too late. Bummer.


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