I am asking on behalf of a friend what you guys think of this Slash autograph. It comes with a COA from Autograph Pros Llc. I know nothing about his signature, but I want to make sure he doesn't waste his money.

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That looks nothing like any Slash I've ever seen! Here's mine for reference:


The COA looks funky too, maybe that's a copy? But I'm no expert, wait for other opinions!
I did some looking around at his signature and I can't find one close to that one either. I'm thinking it is not real.
The owner of Autograph Pros is also a member here:


I would send him a friend request and ask for his opinion on this item.
Thanks for the heads up. I sent a friend request
No chance I buy that mess.
Not real.
Thanks guys I appreciate the help. I'll let my buddy know not to waste his time or money.
Here's a few 100% genuine ones obtained by Jason Thanos (one of the best in-person collectors):


I bought mine from that company, very good transaction!
He's got some nice ones.
He really does, but according to me I bought the best one... ;-)

Yeah I like that one. Really nice sig.
Thanks Rick!



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