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Thanks, wonder why it won’t ship to UK? I have ordered from there before?!? 

I have a forwarding address, they charge a massive fee but I think it's worth it for this one.

I have one in the US but they want $20 to ship to the US then whatever the forwarding company want?!? 

20 CAD or USD? In any case, not bad, we are so used to outrageous shipping fees in the UK that 20 dollars for a book shipped abroad actually seems cheap to me.

Are Indigo legit? I swear every time I’ve ordered from there in the past my orders get cancelled. 

They do cancel a lot, but I reckon if you order 1 or 2 of this book early enough it is likely to be honoured. They cancelled the previous orders because there was a promotion, 4th book free if I remember well, and clearly they did not want to include that title in the promotion. Order now, don't order more than 2, and I'm sure it will go through.

Ordered - fingers crossed!

Thanks for your help :)

You're welcome, hope it works out for you.

My initial indigo order from July was never cancelled, appears to still be valid 

Really? That's very interesting, I thought they had cancelled every single order. May I ask how many you ordered? Most of us ordered 4 to benefit from the promotion, and I think all those got cancelled.

Yeah ordered 4 as well with promotion

Me too still not cancelled so I don't know why others have had it removed.



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