Hello..I'm new to this group, thank you for letting me join! I have been collecting Rock & Roll autographs for about 25 years. Some baseball as well. I have owned this Paul & Linda piece for more than 20 years, my wife bought it for me for bday. I would like opinions on it's authenticity please

Thanks again, Bill S..

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I’m sorry to say that this isn’t authentic in my opinion.

Not sure about this. To me, the Paul autograph seems very reminiscent of SoCal forgers but I’ve never seen them fake a Linda McCartney. If it was available, I wouldn’t buy it but wait to see what the real experts say!

It definitely looks like a SoCal forgery to me. They do forge Linda’s autograph.

I personally haven’t seen the Linda before this but it makes sense. Sorry that these autographs are not authentic, William!

Yeah...the Macca looks like the work of the So.Cal forgers...

Thank you for your opinions. I am curious what stands out as no good?


It’s the entire signature. The signature as a whole is consistent with a common forgery style.

Thanks.. I am no expert but always felt funny about this one. To me it looks like others I see as authentic, but I posted it here because I had doubts. Thanks again



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