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so its a real Invest....?

Don't think so - have never seen him stop at the R in McCartney before like this example. His surname is always a never leave the paper continuous flow.

I'll help you. See below. 

your right Mark..... i look at many Examples now and i cant find a one close to that.

The Seller has also this Bowie for are the Bowie Master, what did you think...: Rip off or not ?

Hi Steve, the Bowie is genuine but signed in the wrong place! Therefore I would value it at no more than 250 Euros tops. Also interesting that he is selling a "McCartney" at half the price of a Bowie which also gives it away...

Thanx Mark....the Pricemanegament is a little bit heavy, your right. Mccartney is a 800€ up ( if its Real ) Thing is my Opinion or not ? So it is to cheap to be real......

i got now 1000% Proof for that this Autograph is real ! I Just ask the biggest Expert for Beatles in Germany and he said this is a real done Mccartney...................from a TV Show back in 93.

I concur.

I think its good.  It looks like he might have had some signing challenges, like maybe at an awkward angle, but there are enough positives where it is likely authentic, in my opinion.

I think this is legit, just looks like the marker lifted from the paper. I don't think any forger would get that close and not notice the r and n need to be connected.



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