Here is a photo of a Pink Floyd Autograph I was looking at.  Any thoughts on the authenticity of the autograph?



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Hi John.  Welcome to Autograph Magazine Live.  Let me start by saying that complete Pink Floyd items are not something you should get into buying unless you are very well versed in their autographs or get one from the most trusted of sources.  Gilmour is next to impossible to get to sign and complete items are just tough to find.  If you are going to pursue these types of items I'd really stick to hoping one turns up at one of the top major auction houses but you'll be paying an arm and a leg for sure.  Solo Gilmour signed items can get into the $1000s.  In regards to the one you posted I'm not a pro at vintage versions of the band's autographs but I can tell you that their modern autographs look nothing like that.   If you are a true Pink Floyd fan or collector of rock autographs I'd suggest going after Roger Waters autographs, preferably PSA authenticated ones.  Right now the market is pretty saturated with them but he's recently claimed he's stopped signing for the pros so the market is going to swallow up all the excess that's out there and the prices are going to steadily rise.  You can find photos, bass guitars, regular guitars, and albums pretty cheap right now (considering how legendary the band is) because he was super generous the past few years but again, that ship may have sailed and his signing days may just be done.  Best of luck in your collecting.


Michael Kasmar

2011 UACC Autograph Dealer Of The Year

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the advise.  I agree that they don't look right, and will pass on the item.  Is there a list of sites where examples of authenticate autographs can be found, this would be most useful.


Hi John,
These are pretty bad forgeries. Not one signature style even compares to authentic examples.

Where did you see this for sale?

Thanks Greig,

I agree! Thanks for the input!


Those are FAKES...I have met every member of Floyd multiple times (EXCEPT SYD) and none of these graphs match the INPERSONS I got.. NONE
Sometimes these posts seem to be a put-on, I think fellow readers are grabbing the most obvious of forgeries and having everyone "take look" as a joke. If some of this stuff was even close, but I mean come on....really?
Hi James,

This was not meant as a joke. Just an uneducated Autograph collector, looking for some information from the more educated folks!

Thanks to everyone who responded. I have a  couple other autograhs I would like to post as well if everyone is cool with "taking a look" and offering their opinion.

Thanks again!
Hi John, I have recieved multiple sigs from Roger Waters over the last 20 years, and a few from the other 3 (not Syd). There is nothing consistant about the signatures with my in person ones, whatsoever...............

Hi all, just joined to make comment, I am a massive Floyd fan and those autographs definitely look fake to me.

I have this poster signed from The Wall movie, but when I sought a quick opinion from PSA/DNA, they sent me back a "unlikely to be genuine" verdict, that absolutely gutted me, but I have not given up hope and would like to see if anyone can explain to me why it got that verdict?

there are 8 autographs (all four floyd.. Bob Geldof, Bob Hoskins, Alan Parker and Nell Campbell) and they all look the real deal to me, when compared to genuine ones - but I am a novice in autographs, but I do know Pink Floyd very well and have a couple of personally signed items from Roger Waters... that seem to match this one very closely. Any help would be appreciated

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Those are all fakes--sorry mate. If you have never gotten any members of Pink Floyd in person--then you would not know. it is by simple long term in person experience--seeing something signed in front of you--ocer 20 years--to see these are bad fakes. I guess you acant get your money back..

Wow--that's a joke..all fake..sorry--I ould testify in court for you.

Thanks David,

Very disappointed, but grateful for your advice.



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