My work colleague has a few signed lps on his wall . Pink Floyd, black Sabbath etc..

I have no knowledge of pink Floyd so any help would be appreciated..

He bought them at a show in Birmingham, England about 14 years ago...

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Sorry, but none of them is real.

Thanks.. I'd never seen Gilmore do his D like that in exemplars I looked at yesterday.. I'll tell him the bad news..I hope his others are ok...

Very poor forgeries.

Thanks Eric.. They didn't look very good to me even as a non expert.. That's why I posted them....I wasn't convinced.. You guys confirmed it.. I think I'll just tell him to pay epperson then he can get the  result that it's fake in black and white..I don't really want to tell him..

Horrible fakes. Sad to see this stuff passed on as originals....



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