A number of years ago I purchased these two signed memorabilia from the Bob Guccione estate. This estate ftom my understanding was sold to a hedge fund.

Signed white house letter and a signed photo featuring both the president and Kathy Keaton. Kathy was a long term partner of Bob.

The white house letter is a interesting subject. Perhaps of interest to space collectors etc. 

I believe these are autopen. I only bought them because they were very cheap. 

Any opinions or comments are welcome.



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They...don't look familiar to you? They are the same Autopen template - identical.

Hi Eric,

Absolutely they are the same signature. Autopen examples.

However they were cheap.... $20.

Actually forgot all about them until today when I was searching for something else. So I thought I would share them. 



Indeed at that price. Thanks. for sharing I'd look and see what exactly he is talking about re 12/07/84.

Hi Eric,

Here is a little bit of information about the program. I believe the WH letter probably was sent to various schools etc etc.

I have no idea how many were sent etc. Perhaps others may know more about it.



Thank you. I wasn't sure as there were a few related events planned but delayed for 12/07/84 or thereabouts that he might have been talking about. As the program has faded into non-existance on the "Astronet" as it is called it may well be of interest. Cool item.

Perhaps @Steve Zarelli may know something about it etc. He is into astronaut memorabilia. 

It is cool thing.

Thank you Eric for posting replies. Very much appreciated. 



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