Anyone care to give their opinion on this piece?  Ridiculously expensive at this price point anyway but curious what people think of the authenticity or the seller.


Thanks in advance!

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This piece is 100% real, it was on QuintienTarantinoAutographs.com(a collector that has a ton of Tarantino related autographs) but now the stie seems to have disappeared. 


Thanks for the reply.  How do you know it is the same piece?  There are other similar pieces like this one for instance from xtremegraphs:


Or do you have any experience with the seller (motion_picture_autographs)?

Can anyone else offer an opinion? Considering making an offer.  Thanks in advance!

RR just sold this month not 1 but 2 photos signed by Travolta from this film for all of $295. 

Yeah, the price is definitely high.  I would negotiate for sure.  But what do you think of the authenticity?

These modern squiggly things are not my cup of tea. However, I would be concerned that, in order to make the 11x14 or now 12x18 money grab, the image was over enlarged - probably from a copy negative - and as such the image quality would suffer and the item would be valued less by me and some others. You can run the sellers name through the search engine here and see what folks have to say. Also toolhaus.org.

That it has a sticker would eliminate it from any consideration by me nor would I recommend or sell it. 

PS - Luster Finish is often used to mask poor image quality .

I know for a fact it's the same piece as I've saved almost every scan from that person to my examples. (Below is this piece.) 

Thank you very much.  I ended up winning it, mostly because of what you posted Sam.  Thanks again.


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