Any opinions on this anya taylor-joy autograph on a Queen Gambit funko pop? Hoping to get a good deal on one and the price on this one is within my budget.

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Would you please rephrase that as I am not sure I understand you.

Huh? HOW could you possibly determine that?

Definitely a forgery IMO. I know her signature fairly well and that isn't it.

Thanks for the input!

Thank you all for the input, and thank you Eric for the much better alternative. As the Funko pop is not authenticated I will avoid it. 

Good move Caleb. Signed photographs are more stable and easier to store. Dust on top of the Funko items will dull the top finish and who knows the stability of any/every ink with light from both sides on unknown thin plastic? For all I know keeping them in the box is destructive. I really believe these are a passing fad - not something to sink money into. Your future buyer will probably not like Funkopop. Then what? Too tight of a market. Collect proper SP's.



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