Sometimes with our hobby you find some really curios things. It happend that I got a fully signed R.E.M. Reckoning LP offered and as I got a picture I bought it right away, ok it was with 70 US$ cheap anyway.

It turned out that it was dedicated to a Katerina which I couldn't find a link to the band but from what is written on the LP she must have been more then a regular fan back then.

Anyway here are the pictures

sorry need to take a new overall view but here are the details

Looks like Peter Buck signed to Katerina with a doodle of himself and the word Doodah

Mike Mills -  To Katrina how personal can we get?

Bill Berry - HOw can u tell a duck from a chicken - save the chicks

Maybe Stipes only signing a S (odd as he is) and a to ???? I can't make it really out but also writing Katrina the chinless wonder???

Also someone with the initials wrote I'm not as bad as Martin Cole!

Well as I said a very strange item and probably nothing really worth collecting but I like it anyway. And if anyone has more info who Katrina, GT or Martin Cole are I would be happy if you would share this info

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see if u can find any old irs record comayn employes they might beable to help.




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