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I'd like some opinions on this Cal Ripken Jr baseball that I got years ago (around 15 years to be exact).  I've tried comparing it to early signatures, but I would love to get some other people's insight on the matter.  Thanks!

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Not good, the "Ripken" is not proportioned to his usual autos.

Thanks for your reply.   Sadly, I completely agree with you.  I especially don't like the 'k' in Ripken.  I know the "Ripken" in his early signatures is different from his modern autograph, but again, I agree with you on it.  It's better used for batting practice than displaying.  

Get a QO for $10 and see what they might say.

It was just recently rejected by JSA, so I was considering getting PSA's opinion but I don't wanna spend anymore money on it at the moment.  And thanks for the QO suggestion; I didn't realize PSA offered that.  

I would lay off it if JSA rejected it. Or you can send it to Steve Sipe at Global and they will put their sticker on it for $6

Yeah I think I'll let my dog use it as a chew toy; she'll rip the cover right off in no time.  

First thing is if you do a QO by PSA/DNA that is a joke because there has been times when they say it is good then when you send it in they take your money then say it is bad. Let's not forget that then had many Babe Ruth auto's sent to them and they said they where good when they where not so i would NOT spend a penny with them. I ask you this why do they not use them in the courts for telling if a autographed item is good or bad? Read on what the courts have to say about PSA

Not real, sorry. The Ripken and Jr are way off.


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