How can this item be authenticated with any certainty? At what point does this pass the test? 51% certain it resembles some exemplars?

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they look fine to me though

Not the best examples, but authenticated as original by Frank. 

There autographs are authentic, more than 51 percent!

These are fine...I've seen these before...and...Frank says they're OK!!! Good enough for me!

I guess thats what makes this industry difficult for many to agree on whats authentic. The McCartney looks right and the Lennon is a crap shoot to me.

Since Frank has literally 1000s of exemplars -- I would imagine he's seen this rushed style of Lennon before.  I wouldn't pay a ton for it though. 

Its not really that rushed, thats how he signed. It matches other examplars.

They look like scrappy but authentic 1963 autographs to me too.

These are fine. You know...every time they isn't always on a flat,hard surface. Was Lennon holding it with his hand?...was the person he was signing for,holding the paper for him?..were they signing on the run?

It's not always going to be the perfect example!!!

If it is perfect...then sometimes that's a "red flag!!!"

I know it seems crazy but both these are authentic examples !



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