This is what I received today from Newburys it is no good  a stamp or autopen there are identical ones on Ebay check your out

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Here’s the signed postcard I got with a cd. Forget where I got it.

Which release? So far I thought autopen would be a first for Newbury :D

Thanks for the info! :D

Hi, This was for the ritual begins @ sundown release. I do not think this one would classify to  the autopen train like The Pretenders, Ozzy, Van Morrison.

I purchased 2 of them from Newbury. Here are the photos.

Attachments: No photo uploads here

Newberry Comics canceled the Five Finger Death Punch orders when it was apparent they were auto-penned. 

I remember this one. Ordered it as well :D

Because I just mentioned this under another thread: Maybe post such a request in the dedicated forum section or just comment on the old thread where the offer was discussed already? Such posts make the forum insanely messy...

I realize there is another thread, but I wanted to post here until the threads are merged.

I also bought this book from Newbury Comics. The signature is 100% identical to the example you provided. There appears to be a bit of a bumpy looking "R" in his first name followed by a strange "V' like hook in the same letter. These are dead give-away fakes.

I contacted Newbury and asked to return.

Were there any issues with the postcards?

Bill, thank you for bringing this to the attention of others.

Here is what I received from Newbury today. I purchased two books. The first one looks identical to Bill’s in the first post in this thread. RK%201.JPG   RK%202.jpg

I received my pre paid return label just now they said this is the first they heard about the fake signatures


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